‘Degrassi’ Season Premiere Clip: Zoe Meets Maya, A Feud Is Born

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Sacrebleu! It looks like Maya is already making a new enemy before her big summer trip to Paris. Watch!

First impressions are everything on Degrassi. One bad exchange can lead to a life-long — or, at the very least, a season-long — feud between characters; and based on this clip from the show’s July 11 season premiere, obtained exclusively by HollywoodLife.com, a new feud is definitely on the horizon.

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Well I just news back from where my mom is at and its not good news. There is a likely chance that she will not make it. Please Pray for her and my family. I don’t know what I would if I losted my mom. So Please Pray. Please and Thank You!

News 😥

So I hate that my family teaches me that age doesn’t matter. I grow up and then when it really comes down to it they want to get mad about itMake up your damn minds. Quit switching thing when it really comes down to it. I can’t freak-in take this, I was taught if you really love that person don’t worry about their age. Why now is it because moms not here and y’all think y’all can do something, he is 14 and I’m 16 it don’t matter, it’s not like we did anything because we didn’t. I don’t know what to do nor think :(.

What to do?


yall know what I come to school everyday with a positive attitude and a smile on my face. But when I get home it changes in not the happiest girl that you see at school I have thought run through my head bc I feel like I don’t exist. I cry myself to sleep at night bc of it.. I feel like I have no one to turn to………… I just lost one of the amazing person in the whole wide world and yea everyone go ahead and say it you don’t know what love is your just a kid well I don’t care about that anymore cause I really was and still am in love with him and he just dont understand and I wish he did I really do my life wont feel complete with out you and ughh I just wish my life wasnt so hard and difficult and I seriously don’t see my life going anywhere without you im not just saying this bc I want you back im saying it be I care and miss you like crazy I barley can eat and sleep…. and yea say hes not worth it hes just another boy that will pop in and the right out of your life they are worng. he is the most amazing sweet kind and loving person that I will ever met and possibly fall in love with. Scott im sorry. I just don’t know what else to do yea I may get on your nervous but it only bc I love you and have never felt this way with NO ONE at all I mean no one. I felt like me again when I was with you and everyone like oh I need to meet him he has brought back the Victoria tha I haven’t seen since 3rd grade and too see it no was only bc of you so thank you for making me feel like me but now its gone again but I lasted so thank you.. IM REALLY REALLY SORRY!!!!! — feeling sorry.